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Why is signed memorabilia is so expensive? Click here.
Why is signed memorabilia by Messi a lot cheaper than signed memorabilia by Ronaldo? Click here.
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While running our own website dedicated to Liverpool F.C and football in general, it should come as no surprise to you that Liverpool-Stats.com also have a significant collection of signed football memorabilia.

Just like you, we have some players that we love more than others, and naturally not all of them have had the opportunity to play for Liverpool FC. Our love for Ronaldo and Messi shows in our collection, and when there is a item out there with a COA (certificate of authentication) from a respectable authentication service it's hard for us to not grab the opportunity, even though we may have enough items from the legends already.

Some of our signed memorabilia is possible to buy, but at a high premium.
We only purchase signed memorabilia from the absolute best players in the world, and some of our memorabilia is so rare that the price needs to be way over normal asking price for us even to consider it leaving the office. So if you think the price is to high, than we would recommend you to check out other serious suppliers, like for example Icons.com. If you click the link that we provided, you will see that a framed shirt by Ronaldo is priced at €1260 euro.
But if you want to buy from Icons.com, don't forget to add shipping. Then add customs to the price. Then take the figure you've got, and add tax to the price (if you're not living in the UK). If you for example are living in Norway, suddenly the price has increased from €1260 to €1890.


Our collection of signed football memorabilia is constantly evolving. Drop by in a month or two and see what we have added to our colletion.

All of our signed memorabilia is getting framed at the moment and will be uploaded to the site the 10th of august.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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