Rules for the winner

If you are picked as the winner of a giveaway, there are some rules that you need to accept, carry out and complete.

Here are our demands:

  • You need to have a open Instagram profile. If you are picked as a winner, and your Instagram profile is closed, a new winner will be picked without us informing you about the matter.

  • You need to keep your Instagram profile open for a minimum of 14 days after we announced that you have won the giveaway. This makes it possible for all our followers to check out your profile.

  • All winners must confirm their identity before we can ship the giveaway prize. You do this by sending us a picture of yourself, while holding a piece of paper in front of your chest, with our website address "" written on the paper.

    We may use this picture on social media and on our blog, so please consider the quality of the photo before sending it to us.

  • If needed, we are allowed to share parts of our written communication over Instagram, as evidence that you are the winner, that you have been contacted and that you have been communicating with us.

  • The winner must post a picture on Instagram or Facebook were he or she is holding the item below his or hers face. The post needs to be public for everyone to see, and a link to our e-mail or a direct message to our Instagram needs to be sent within three days after receiving the item.

    The winner must accept that we can use his or hers picture on our website and social media for an indefinite period of time and that we may use his or hers picture to advertise for upcoming giveaways.