When you pay three or four times the price of the actual item that has been signed - or in the case of Ronaldo and Messi 7-10 times the price - you want a guarantee that it is actually signed by the player, and not some random guy on the internet.
But how can you be 100% sure if a autograph is real?

Well, the answer is simple. Like always: Ask Google!
Google owns were people can sell anything - even signed memorabilia - and they don't want anybody to get scammed as it may end up hurting their own brand. And Google sell a lot of things - from phones to computers.
So out of all the companies in the world of, Ebay only recommends buying signed memorabilia that has been verified by one of these five companies:

These companies live and breath for autographs, and they deliver something called a COA (certificate of authentication). When they say it's real, it's real! 

Guess what? We don't want to get scammed either. So all our signed memorabilia from for example Ronaldo and Messi are verified by Beckett. This means that each item comes with a sticker attached. The sticker has a registration number mounted to the shirt. When you go to Becketts website and enter that number, it will tell you who signed the item, and when and where it happened.

When Beckett verifies a autograph, it does not mean that they have seen the player write the autograph. They can get a shirt from a private person, and he can pay them to analyse it. So the absolute best COA (certification of autograph) there is,  are the ones where Beckett has been paid to be in the same room as Ronaldo or Messi. They have witnessed the signing.

Those autographs are the ones we at buy, and those autographs comes in at a premium, cause it's the highest authenticity level that exists.

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