Frequently asked questions

Where are we located? has an office in the Norwegian capital Oslo.
Did you know that Norway is one of the countries with the highest percentage of Liverpool supporters per capita? Well, now you know :)

Who owns is owned by Christian Burmeister.

He is also the man in front of the camera in our popular vlog that you can find on YouTube.

Why does it take so long before I receive my order?

The time it takes from you pay for your order and until the package arrives to your address, depends on several factors:

  • The clock when you bought your order
    We work from 08:00 - 16:00 (our time zone is GMT+1) Orders that we reiceve after 15:00 will be processed the next day.
  • The day you made your order
    We do not work on saturdays or sundays. So if you f.ex made your order at 15:00 on a friday, we will not see your order before monday. You will (naturally) feel like you've waited 3 days already, but we haven't even seen your order yet.
  • The queue
    If you pay your order on a sunday night and we have received 100 orders on friday and 100 orders on saturday, you are now number order number 201. It's only fair that we start with the first order we received after closing in friday, and then work our way up to your order.
  • Shipping
    We don't ship the packages ourself. We use a company for this. So the last factor in this process, is something we can not affect - other than to choose a serious and respectable company. The shipping time will of course depend on how far your country is from our production local, and if you live in the city center or far from everybody else out on the countryside.

Things we got to do:

Verify and confirm your order:

When you order a product from us, it has to be verified by someone working in costumer service. That means that if you complete an order after opening hours, we will not see that order before the next day. And if for example another 100 people purchased items that night, and you are number 100, it will take a couple of hours before costumer service gets to your order.
Production: When the order is verified and approved by costumer service, the order can finally be processed by the printing department. If we for example received 100 orders the night that you ordered, and you were last in line, your order may not be verified before 14:00 the day after. It will therefore be hard for us to get the product shipped the day after because we now have to get the product or products that you ordered, and then print them. How long that takes, depends on which item you ordered, and how many.

If we keep the shipping cost down, you pay less for our items. To keep the cost down, we are not using express shipping. How long it takes before you get your items will depend on where you live in the world, but it will take a couple of days.

When was founded? was founded as a Facebook page back in 2017.
Three years later the demand for a greater service was evident, and the webpage, a YouTube channel and a membership was established.

Our opening hours

We process orders from 08:00 - 16:00, monday to friday.
Our office is based in Oslo (Norway) and our time zone is GMT+1.
Our chat is usually open 12 hours a day, from 08:00-20:00.

Where are our products made?

Our products are stocked and printed in Europe.
The products are made from different parts of the world, depending on what item you order. The country of origin will be stated on the merchandise.

Do you as a customer have to pay tax/customs/duty on your order?

You are not suppose to pay anything more than the amount you were presented with while checking out of the online store.

If tax has been added to your order by the shipping company, don't worry! Just contact us by using the contact form under 'Contact' in the main menu.
Naturally we don't want any unhappy clients and would love to resolve the problem with you.

Why did we chose the domain is short for Liverpool statistics. It's a domain that in two words describes to a stranger what to expect from us, without needing any further explanation.

As the word "statistics" is a hard word to write for some foreigners, we use the short version of the word. If you prefer to use a different domain, we also own and