The perfect gift! A mood pillow for Liverpool supporters.

The perfect gift! A mood pillow for Liverpool supporters.

This premium pillow with a shape-retaining insert is has two completely different sides. One side is dark grey, the other one is red. The side that is dark grey warns you mother, girlfriend or your wife about the fact that Liverpool lost, so that know what kind of mood your in. The other side which is red, informs your loved one that Liverpool won, so that they know that they can talk to you without getting a sour response back. So if you are a person that lets your mood affect by how Liverpool play, or you know somebody who does, this is the perfect item to buy.

About this pillow:

• The price includes a pillow (the inside) and the printed case (the outside)
• Size: 45 x 45 cm (equal to 18 x 18 inches) and 55 x 55 cm (equal to 22 x 22 inches.
• You can easily take of the case. Just use the hidden zipper.

• You can wash the case with the print in the washing machine. Just take put the inside (the pillow) first
• The pillow it self is made of 100% hape-retainingpolyester. If you want to wash this, you have to do it by hand.
• The fabric has been pre-shrunk.

• The fabric feels like linen, even though it’s made of polyester
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