When you become a member, these are the advantages you will get:

  • A chance to win one of our monthly giveaways. We will give away everything from coffee mugs and t-shirt, to signed and framed football jerseys with certificate from Liverpool FC.

  • You will get a discount code that will give you 10% off on all our merchandise. This code is registered to your name and can only be used by you for the next 365 days.Example: If you buy a coffee mug for 27 euro, a t-shirt priced at 35 euro and a picture that costs 47, your total will be 109 euro.With a 10% discount, the new total will be will 98 euro. That means your membership has already saved you 11 euro.

  • As a member you will get access to items that only members are aloud to buy, f.ex our 'Liverpool Fanclub' merch.

  • You will receive a mail and have the possibility to buy our 'limited editions products' before they are even released at the website. This will be products that f.ex are limited to 200 or 300 pieces.

  • Exclusive access to our most valuable vlogs, with interesting statistics about Liverpool legends. These vlogs will be password protected.

  • You can see this months prize and previous winners by visiting 'Giveaways' on the websites main menu.

    Our membership lasts 365 days, counting from the day of purchase.

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