- Big giveaway in September!

It's already August, and at this moment the norwegian web company www.internettsider.no is developing our online store.

At our launch in September - right before the EPL starts on September 12th - we have a big giveaway planned to one of our first 200 members, where a signed and framed jersey (with a certificate of authenticity from Liverpool F.C.) will be given away to a lucky member. The winner can choose between these four shirts:

Alisson (2018-2019 shirt) Trent (2018-2019 shirt) Virgil (2019-2020 shirt) Salah (2019-2020 shirt)

Who would you pick? :)

Click here to see more information about our member advantages!

Ps. If luck is not on your side and you are not chosen as the winner in our first giveaway, do not give up! We have plenty more to give away and lots of giveaways coming up in the near future!

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