Most signed shirt are not expensive. You can for example get a signed shirt from a living legend like Robbie Fowler for a reasonable price. But a signed shirt that just hangs on a hanger is not very attractive, so you'll need a frame. A frame that doesn't look cheap and has a structure to present shirt could add significantly  to the price, depending on what you are willing to spend.

Here are some factors that will determine the price of signed memorabilia:

- Massive demand for the product

The more people who wants a signed shirt by for example Ronaldo, the more the price increases.

As we speak Ronaldo has 225.000.000 followers on Instagram - at the moment the most in the world.
If we underestimate the finacial power of Ronaldos fans and predict that only 1% of those people could afford and would love to have a shirt signed by Ronaldo on the wall, that one percent would equal to 2.250.000 people. I
f Ronaldo signed one thousand shirts each year since he became 20 years old, that would equal to 15.000 signed shirts at age 35. So 15.000 shirts that 2.250.000 people want. It's not a scarcity of signed memorabilia, it's just an incredible demand and interest.

- Low amount of signed memorabilia

Imagine this: A legendary player who loves football but has put his shoes on the shelf. After the retirement he has been taking good care off himself and e has a loving family. He is doing everything right, except he doesn't sign any shirts :) A good example of a player like this, would be David Beckham.
He doesn't sign any memorabilia any more, even though everybody wants it. Which means that if you can get a hold of a signed shirt that is verified by respectable authentication service, it will have a high price.

- Action on and off the field

You can have an amazing football player, but "nobody" want his signed shirt. How is that possible?
Well, some player act a certain way on or off the field, and that makes their name undesirable to be connected with. A good example of this is Luis Suarez. Undoubtedly one of the best strikers to ever set his foot on a football field, but his actions has unfortunately affected the price of his memorabilia. There is a difference between being a bad boy - Like Cantona (who kicked a supporter in the stands - and an villain like Suarez. While signed and frames shirt from Ronaldo can go for approximately 1.500 euro, a signed and frames shirt of Luis Suarez will be around 500 euro.

- Sellers that don't need to sell

Some providers of signed memorabilia - like us - don't have to sell anything. Selling memorabilia is not our main business or income, which means that we don't have to push our signed memorabilia to the market. The result of this is that what we buy, we want to keep, and that is reflected in the price that we set. But sometimes we get to excited when a really good item is for sale, and we order too many. Then and only then will we sell it at what is considered a reasonable price.


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