Delivery and shipping of giveaway items

The winner will normally receive the signed shirt within one week after the winner is picked. If we are a couple of days over, it may be because of the weekends, holiday or illness.

  • We will pay for shipping.

  • We will do our best to use companies that are or have been partners with Liverpool F.C.
    In this case we will therefore try our best to utilize DHL. If this is not an option or possible at the moment in time, we will have to turn to other companies like for example UPS.

  • We are not responsible for any damage to the box that the item came with after it has been delivered to the shipping company.

  • If you are on holiday or for other reasons aren't at home and therefore can’t receive our package, please inform us so we can delay the shipping. If you don’t pick up the shirt within the number of days set by the shipping company – usually 14 days – the item will be returned to us. We will not ship the item back to you. The item will be given away in the next giveaway.