Did you know that there is a difference in the quality of the autographs that Ronaldo and Messi signs?

But how? How is that possible when it is the same person signing the same item, at the same day?


The answer to why the quality of an autograph differs, is quite obvious.

Image if you had to sit at a table for 60 minutes writing autographs. Do you think you would be fed up?
Do you think your hand would be tired? And what about the ink in the pen that you have been using for 60 minutes? Do you believe it would be giving you the same amount of ink after 60 minutes?

In the picture below you can see a great example of what time can do to the execution og an autograph:

Can you spot the difference?

The differences are small, and a private collector would probably not notice the difference, or even care for that matter. He would just be thrilled to have a signed jersey from Ronaldo, with a COA (certificate of authentication). And he should be! But for us experts, there is a noticeable difference in these two autographs.

First of all, the left picture has a thinner more detailed autograph, as this jersey is one of the first that got signed this session. As you can see the lines are getting slightly thicker on the right one, and there is not enough ink coming out of the pen, so the autograph appears to be dark grey, not silver.
Another clue that the right one is signed later in that session is the shape of the letter "C". On the right side we can see that Ronaldo doesn't have the same energy level and enthusiasm as when he started the session. But the most obvious difference lies in the object after the "C", which on the left side looks like a "+" but on the right side has turned in to a triangle.

Now that you have been come aware of details, we will give you a better example, that may baffle you:

Are both the shirt signed by Messi? Yes. Could we buy the shirt on the right (with a good discount) and sell it at a premium on our site? Yes. People are desperate for signed memorabilia by Messi and Ronaldo. But we don't want our customers to have signed memorabilia on the wall that is below pari. And that's why it's so important to have expertise and experience when it comes to signed memorabilia.

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